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Pool Construction

Pool Construction, Parkville, MO A swimming pool in your backyard can become the ideal relaxation spot when planned and designed well. In addition to unique design ideas, you must ensure that the structure is built well. Proper construction is crucial for functionality, safety, structural integrity, and enjoyment. At Pure Blue Luxury Pools and Outdoor Living, we are one of the leading pool construction companies catering to clients in the KC metro area.

Our team of experts handles the entire pool construction process, from permitting and site prep to installation and finish work. We fully customize each pool to match the client's design while following strict building codes and standards.

Our decades of experience allow us to expertly construct pool designs that align with our client's needs. We have the expertise and skills to tackle various projects, including planning and installing the pool surrounds and elements to complete the look.

Our Pool Build Process

The pool construction process involves meticulous planning and skilled execution across many phases:

  • Site Evaluation and Permitting - We first assess the site layout, access, terrain, soil conditions, and utilities to determine any needs for surveys, permits, tree removal, or ground preparation and these permits ensure code compliance.

  • Layout and Excavation - Layout involves precise measurements to mark the pool perimeter in preparation for digging. Excavation removes soil to create a large hole for the structure as depth is significant for safety and water volume.

  • Shell Installation - After excavation, plumbing, electrical, and steel reinforcement are put in place, followed by the layered concrete or shotcrete shell which creates the overall form.

  • Tile and Finish Work - Decorative tiles, stone, or other finishes are professionally installed on the pool floor and sides as per the design. This stage brings the aesthetics to life.

  • Decking and Coping - Concrete or tile decking is added around the pool perimeter, and protective coping is added at the edges and these provide an attractive and safe transition.

  • Fixtures and Accessories - The filtration equipment, pumps, and heating systems are hooked up, and additional elements like slides, diving boards, or fountains are installed.

  • Plastering and Filling - A smooth plaster finish is applied inside the pool shell, which is then carefully filled to the appropriate level as it helps protect the shell.

  • Safety Inspections - Once completed, final inspections verify all aspects from electrical to water chemistry for total safety compliance.

Pool Construction and Upgrades

Our professional construction team brings decades of experience constructing new custom pools and additions, renovations, and reconstruction projects. We handle intricate work like enlarging or reshaping existing pools with the same expertise, precision, and quality standards as a new build.

Upgrading aging pools by replacing tiles, plaster, coping, and accessories restores their aesthetic appeal. We also construct stunning pool houses, outdoor kitchens, and landscaping features to complement the renewed pool area. Our reliable craftsmanship and attention to detail ensure any pool project will be structurally sound and visually stunning for years of enjoyment.

Contact the Pure Blue Luxury Pools and Outdoor Living at 816-846-0020 to learn more about our pool construction services. You can also submit your inquiries and requests through our Online Form, and our team will quickly reach out to you to understand your requirements.

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