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Masonry, Liberty MO

Pure Blue Luxury Pools and Outdoor Living is one of Kansas City's leading companies when it comes to masonry work. For many years, our highly professional workers have developed the skills to become experts at their jobs. Our company is also extremely committed to delivering the best quality projects within your budget and timeline.

Masonry as the Best Choice

For some, a masonry structure can be intimidating, while for others it can look too traditional. However, given the right materials, equipment, and skilled workers, this could turn out to become the highlight of your space.

The best things about masonry structures are that they are very hard-wearing and require the least amount of maintenance. Most materials, particularly those reinforced with steel, can last for hundreds of years as evidenced by many of the historic buildings around. These, also, do not need to be painted at all; their natural beauty is enough to match their surrounding environments, so you no longer have to worry about re-painting jobs.

These materials also provide thermal insulation, keeping your home cool during hot months and warm during colder months. They are also heat and fire-resistant – which is another worry to scratch off your list. If you wish to enhance the value of your home or building, brick masonry can also do the job as it projects an image of beauty and stability that could stand through many years.

The Technical Aspects of Masonry

Contrary to some beliefs that masonry is pretty much a do-it-yourself job, the work involved can get technical and requires some special tools. Masons actually go through training and apprenticeships to develop their skills.

This is most particular when using materials apart from bricks. Handling stones, for example, requires the additional work of ensuring that every stone is leveled perfectly and every cut fits into another, especially when trying to accomplish a specific design. Meanwhile, using marble also involves polishing the marble into the right sheen to enhance its beauty. Achieving the right consistency when mixing aggregates, such as mortar and grout, is also critical in ensuring the durability of the work that only expert masons are capable of. The bottom line here is that a masonry job is really best left to professionals to ascertain the stability and permanence of a structure.

Our Skilled Masonry Team

For Pure Blue Luxury Pools and Outdoor Living, the key to accomplishing our projects lies with our workers; therefore, we make it a point to have within our team only the most skilled masons. This way, we are confident that our work is of the highest quality and that the structures that we construct are some of the most durable structures around Missouri, whether these are pavements, walls or buildings.

At our company, we utilize various materials, such as bricks, granite, marble, limestone and even brick veneers that are guaranteed to be of the highest quality; and we choose only the most suitable ones to use on the masonry job at hand. Our workers have the necessary knowledge in identifying the appropriate materials and are equipped with the right tools to get the job done.

If you have any masonry work that needs attending, be it residential or commercial, Pure Blue Luxury Pools and Outdoor Living is the best company for you to contact. Visit us at our Parkville office or call us to schedule a consultation.

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