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Irrigation and Sprinkler Systems

Irrigation and Sprinkler Systems, Kansas City MO

A landscape is made up of hardscape and softscape elements. While hardscape is the part that is non-living, softscape covers the elements that live, such as the grass on the lawn, the flowers, the trees, and the like. Just like most living things, plants need water to survive. Although we can water them each and every time they need it during the day, proper irrigation is a more effective way of doing it.

Irrigation systems are an important part of any landscape, especially with the humid subtropical climate that Missouri has. They provide enough water for the plants at the right times of the day and in the right volume. They likewise make landscape maintenance less burdensome.

Irrigation Systems: Making the Right Choice

When it comes to the various irrigation systems, choosing the right one is crucial to getting the optimal benefits each one has to offer. We know that you need something that does all the work and requires minimal maintenance. Some systems may best work for vegetable gardens, while some are better used for golf courses. Here are the two systems that are commonly used in landscapes:

  • Overhead irrigation system - This system is made up of overhead pipes that are installed in a way that they do not affect the overall setup of any part of the landscape. By setting its timer, an overhead irrigation system sprinkles water over the lawn and on the plants at particular times during the day.

  • Underground irrigation system - Of all the recommended landscape irrigation systems, this is the most common and preferred. It also uses sprinklers and a series of pipes that are hidden underground. This is a water-efficient irrigation system because it directly provides the plants with the right amount of water. Most of the underground irrigation is automated, making the maintenance task a lot easier for the homeowner.

Quality Irrigation Products and Installation Services

We believe that satisfying every customer is important in this type of business. This is the reason why we only make use of the finest products from the most reliable suppliers of irrigation products in the country. When it comes to the process of installing irrigation systems, we make sure that our team follows a strict set of guidelines to guarantee that each system is properly installed for it to work efficiently.

The Best Irrigation Installers in Missouri

When we say that we are the best contractor for your irrigation system needs, we back it up with our team of irrigation experts, landscape specialists, and engineers who help design and set up the systems with the use of quality tools and equipment for faster delivery and long-lasting results.

If you are looking for a cost-effective and green method of providing irrigation to your landscape without compromising the actual look of the features and structures within it, we can help. Pure Blue Luxury Pools and Outdoor Living can also provide you with more information by calling us at 816-846-0020 to help you better understand how irrigation systems work.

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